New trend of QR code technology

A QR code is a matrix code or two-dimensional bar code. It was invented by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994 with the aim of allowing its contents to be decoded at high speed. It was first designed for inventory management in a wide variety of industries and most common in Japan. However, today it is developed in almost all areas in many countries around the world.

1. What is QR code ?

A QR code abbreviated from Quick Response code is a specific matrix barcode that is readable by dedicated QR bar code readers or camera smartphones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The combination of these modules encodes any online data, including: links to web pages, images, product information and advertising.

The difference between QR codes and traditional bar codes is the amount of data they store or share. A traditional bar code with one-dimensional line can only store 20 digits, whereas a two-dimensional QR bar code can store up to thousands of alphanumeric characters. QR codes contain lots of information and are easy-to-use that will be helpful for users in all areas.

      A traditional bar code

A QR bar code

QR codes are developed to be able to be read faster, saving more time and space than traditional bar codes. With smart phones, QR code scanners can be found on the iTunes App Store or Android Market with keyword "QR scanner". Here is a list of reference applications you can download:

-  NeoReader, ScanLife, Barcode, i-nigma, TapMedia QR Reader for iPhone cho iPhone.

-  ShopSavvy, Barcode scanner, ScanLife, Qr Droid cho Android.

- ScanLife, BeeTagg, QR Code Scanner Pro cho BlackBerry.

2. Usage of QR codes

  • Used to check product information, personal information on name cards.
  • Used to store URL: phones just read QR codes to retrieve the URL, and then automatically open the browser.
  • Used at bus stops, stations: when users scan the QR code of a bus station, they will know information about bus routes.
  • Used at museums: users simply scan the QR code of an exhibit to know its detailed information and updates.
  • Used to make purchases anywhere: people use QR codes when they are on subways, buses ... if they like the item advertised, they can buy it immediately via QR codes and Mobile Internet.
  • Used in supermarkets: in order to know more information, cooking instructions and nutritional content of food.
  • Used in seminars, presentations, events: participants can use QR codes instead of their Business Cards.
  • Used in newspapers, magazines: readers can scan QR codes printed in newspapers, magazines to access online / mobile versions of these newspapers and magazines.
  • Used at concert programs, live shows, bars and clubs: determining the name of the song, singer, band and author.
  • Used at restaurants, hotels, coffee shops: knowing the recipe and processing of food, beverages as well as hotel information.
  • Used on personal items (car, t-shirt, etc.): providing detailed information about the item, its origin and price.
  • Used in advertising communications: replace advertisements in the form of printing and brochures. QR codes will attach information of trademark on publications, store signs and billboards.
  • Used in email signature or gift: you can use a QR code to make your email signature different, or you can place it on gifts in order to create a special surprise for the recipient, making him or her curious about the contents of the attached QR code.

3. How to create QR codes ?

Currently, there are many applications to create a QR code for free. Just type the keyword "QR code generator" on the search engine, you will find a lot of online tools for creating QR codes.
There are reliable tools for reference, such as Kaywa, Qurify or Delivr. QR codes can also be more creative with colors and options at the Kerem Erkan or QRStuff. Google URL Shortener is also a QR code creator.


4. Trend for putting QR codes in marketing

image.ashx.jpgWhy is the world shifting to QR codes in marketing? The answer is that they want to make a difference and attract users as well as take advantage of modern smartphone technologies.

Using QR codes in marketing is quite new in Vietnam, but it is becoming increasingly popular and becoming a new trend of marketing in the world (Fortin, 2011).

The latest survey by Kingfish Media showed that one-third of U.S companies have marketing strategies for mobile, and this number is expected to increase to 73% over the next 12 months. Meanwhile, the number of smartphone users worldwide is expected to top 1 billion in 2013 (Middleton, 2010). In Vietnam, there are about 500,000 people using these smart phones (DTA, 2011).

Moreover, advertising programs, panels, posters and websites are still not in tune with technology. Thus, using QR codes in marketing is a progressive and proactive choice. This is even becoming a new hobby of smartphone users. There are 47,100 results on Google for the keyword "create QR code".

Current applications allow users to create their own QR codes with two simple colors: black and white. However, if you want to attract customers and make a difference, you need to create special QR codes

QR code designs with two color of black and white

QR code designs with logo and image:

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